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the great classics

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George Orwell


George Orwell’s “Nineteen Eighty-Four” is one of the most important works of modern literature. Set in Oceania, one of three intercontinental super-states that have divided the world after a global war, Orwell’s masterful critique of the political structures of his time unfolds through the story of Winston Smith, a man trapped in the web of a dystopian future, and his clandestine love affair with Julia, a young woman he meets during his work for the government.
This enjoyable-to-listen-to audiobook in English is also a brilliant and timeless satirical attack on social and political structures of the world.
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The great Gatsby

Francis S. Fitzgerald


“The Great Gatsby” is a 1925 novel written by American author F. Scott Fitzgerald that tells the story of a group of characters living in the imaginary city of West Egg, in prosperous Long Island, during the summer of 1922. In this audiobook in English, the well-known story of the young and mysterious millionaire Jay Gatsby and his visionary passion and obsession for the beautiful former debutante Daisy Buchanan is told.
An engaging audiobook that, despite the years, still evokes emotions today. Considered Fitzgerald’s masterpiece, “The Great Gatsby” explores themes such as decadence, idealism, resistance to change, social upheaval, and excess, creating a portrait of the Jazz Age or Roaring Twenties that has been described as a moral tale about the American Dream.
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Pride and prejudice

Jane Austen


One of the most enchanting love stories of all time becomes an audiobook in English. Jane Austen’s timeless masterpiece like you’ve never heard it before. The story of Darcy, smitten with Elizabeth, is told with passion and emotion.
Loved by generation after generation, now also available as an audiobook with original sounds and effects to become an eternal and timeless product for a global audience of modern teenagers.


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Percorsi intrecciati e vite parallele

Le storie di Irut


Casual choices, insignificant actions, unexpected encounters contribute to composing the puzzle of every existence. Taking one path instead of another, finding yourself there by chance, will allow you to experience opportunities never before considered.
And only when you start to desire, to become restless, to fixate strongly on what has been decided should happen to us, only then do you realize that you can no longer ignore it. So the journey begins, those pleasant sensations, those gripping passions, for the time granted to us. So everything will be revealed, everything will be placed where it was expected, while we will only have the aftertaste of what we have experienced, the perception that all in all, it was worth living.
An exciting tale told with voices and sounds in this audiobook that is well worth listening to.
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Ciro Pinto


Naples, June 2019: the city prepares to face the summer, but its proverbial hospitality is overshadowed by a growing intolerance towards non-EU citizens and immigrants.
As in the rest of Italy, even in the squares, streets, and alleys, the hate campaign is having its effects and episodes of intolerance and aggression towards foreigners are increasing. The arrival in the Gulf waters of a ship, the Sea For Freedom, belonging to a Swedish NGO, transporting about thirty shipwrecked people picked up off the coast of Lampedusa, ends up exacerbating the contrasts between those who are for landing and those who would like to push them back. Since the ship appeared in front of the city, Mimma begins to have strange dreams, set in Ethiopia and then in Sudan, following the vicissitudes of an African girl of her age, Axado.
A spectacular audiobook with a high-level sound design.
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Storia di due diffidenti

Aldo Bertozzi


This audiobook tells the life and story of Alan Castelli, son of Vittorio, an anti-fascist from Garfagnana, exiled in France because of his opposition to Mussolini’s policies and racial laws, determined to avoid being forcefully recruited into the army to fight an unwanted and unheard war. Young Alan, who arrived in Italy to learn about the land of his paternal ancestors, falls in love with Giulia, a young girl from Piacenza, but the two are forced to part ways due to the great distance between their respective places of residence.
After a series of events, which take place over twenty years of history and form the background of the novel, leading the listener of this audiobook to reflect on our recent past (the partisan war, resistance in France, Nazi concentration camps, economic boom, Florence flood, Piazza Fontana massacre), the story reaches an unexpected conclusion.


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Lezioni da Londra 1946

Maria Montessori


The 1946 course was the first training course held in Europe by Maria Montessori after her long exile in India during World War II. “Lectures from London, 1946” collects the lectures given in London six years before her death, in which the famous educator speaks with the wisdom of someone who has spent a lifetime studying not only childhood, but the entire development of the human being.
These conferences, which can be listened to and re-listened to thanks to this audiobook, represent a milestone in the world of pedagogy, becoming the basis for the 3-6 courses of the AMI, the Association Montessori Internationale.
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Il tesoro dei bambini sensibili

Elena Lupo


Highly sensitive people are that 20% of the population who experience their surrounding environment “differently”, in a deeper, more emotional, and empathic way. Studies on this personality trait are quite recent and clarify interpersonal dynamics that are often experienced poorly or with embarrassment.
The audiobook “The Treasure of Sensitive Children” is primarily aimed at parents and professionals, helping them recognize hypersensitivity in children and value it in the best possible way.
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Capire i piccoli

Deborah MacNamara


Small children are among the most beloved, but also the most misunderstood people. Their extraordinary personalities can be a challenge for adults as they defy logic and understanding, going from being brazen, recalcitrant, and rebellious to illuminating the room with their joie de vivre and infectious laughter.
This audiobook explores the child’s intense need for attachment, the vital importance of play, the nature of appropriate discipline, and the kind of relationship that can protect the delicate growth of childhood.
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Oltre la scuola e l’homeschooling

Patrizia Scanu


This audiobook presents a proposal for an educational intervention in two phases, the first reparative and the second transformative, to be implemented in the context of parental education for students in lower and upper secondary school. The audiobook “Beyond School” is aimed at teachers and parents who intend to educate, not just instruct, for a more just and aware future world.
It draws inspiration from the humanistic model of integral, transversal education that is deep, rich, joyful, and guided by creativity, beauty, love for knowledge, and the intention of forming free souls capable of feeling and thinking.
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Maria Montessori:
una storia attuale

Grazia Honegger Fresco


Maria Montessori was certainly an extraordinary woman, capable of arousing the most enthusiastic support and the most malicious criticism. In her time, she was the object of insinuations, gossip, and rumors, and even today, her sense of freedom and the uncomfortable novelties of her thinking provoke contrasting reactions.
The audiobook on Maria Montessori examines all the phases of her life. This edition, compared to previous ones, is expanded and enriched through the important contribution of her great-granddaughter, Carolina Montessori.
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La disciplina positiva

Jane Nelsen


This audiobook explains how to put Positive Discipline into practice: an effective method to help parents and teachers remain firm and kind with children, without resorting to punishments, while encouraging the child to develop independence, a sense of responsibility, collaboration, and the ability to find solutions independently.
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Benvenuto fratellino,
benvenuta sorellina

Giorgia Cozza


The birth of a child is a joyful event for the entire family, an event that can also be experienced with participation and enthusiasm by the firstborn, if accompanied by the affection and understanding of mom and dad.
The audiobook “Welcome Little Brother, Welcome Little Sister” answers the doubts and questions of parents, offering useful information and practical suggestions to involve older siblings in the anticipation and welcoming of the new baby.

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