Book fairs 2024:
all literary events in Italy

A year full of literary festivals, cultural events and book fairs promises to be in Italy in 2024. The sector is performing well, after a further year of growth, where in addition to paperbacks, audiobooks have also established themselves with increasingly credible numbers.

The physical appointments where professionals and others will be able to touch the printed paper first-hand, meet authors, make agreements, are many and as always represent a moment of meeting and sharing that is good for the entire world of publishing, audiobooks included.

To ensure you don’t miss a single one, we have prepared a collection with the major events that will enliven the entire peninsula.

So arm yourself with a calendar: let’s set out to discover  literary festivals, cultural events and book fairs in 2024 in Italy.

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2024 begins with 5 unmissable literary festivals

2024 opens the calendar of literary meetings with the sixth edition of the Liberfestival in Altamura, a constantly growing event, excellent for starting the year on the right foot. On this occasion the central theme is “without fear, free your voice”.

It will then be the turn of Nebbia Gialla Suzzara Noir Festival (9-11 February) where we will immerse ourselves in the fog and mysteries of the lower Mantua area.

From 23 to 25 February we will be in Florence where the best publishing awaits us, here Testo will tell us how a book is born. The 2024 edition of the event hosts an anthology of the best Italian publishing, including independent companies and large publishing groups, which will present a limited selection of news and significant titles at the Stazione Leopolda, in order to enhance each single proposal in the eyes of visitors.

In March from 8th to 10th at Superstudio Maxi in Milan, the 2024 edition of Book Pride.

In April it will then be the turn of the Bologna Children’s Book Fair which has always been a reference event for those who work in the field of publishing and content dedicated to children and teenagers . BCBF, this year from 8 to 11 April, is the meeting point for a varied and international audience, representing the most important event worldwide for the exchange of publishing rights, with an important nucleus dedicated to licensing and to multimedia content for children and teenagers. BCBF is a point of reference for publishers, authors, illustrators, literary agents, distributors, teachers, translators and for all other figures who work in the world of publishing and children’s content; this is because in recent years the Fair has managed to involve all operators in the sector, with areas and initiatives dedicated to the various professional figures.

Brief recap of the events at the beginning of the year in Italy

  • Liberfestival, Altamura (BA) 5/8 January
  • Nebbia Gialla Suzzara Noir Festival, Suzzara (MN) 9/11 February
  • Book Pride, Milan, 8/10 March
  • Testo, Florence, 23/25 February
  • Bologna Children’s Book Fair, Bologna, 8/11 April

Book fairs 2024: events blossom with the beautiful season

We shake the cold off our shoulders and head towards the warmer weather by taking a trip to Naples Città Libro the Naples Book Fair 14/16 June at the Stazione Marittima.

The next day we will be at the XVIII edition of the International Journalism Festival in Perugia scheduled from 17 to 21 April, where as always we will find very interesting ideas in particular for the podcast. Last year, the interventions of Jasmin Bauomy and the cofounder of Africa Podcast Josephine Karianjahi were highly appreciated.

Turin Book Fair: the 2024 edition starts on May 9th

After the great participation last spring, the Turin International Book Fair returns to the pavilions of the Lingotto Fiere from Thursday 9th to Monday 13th May 2024, under the new direction of the journalist and writer Annalena Benini.

The new Salon will increasingly resemble, in its conception and care, the construction of a newspaper: a collective work with its own precise personality which is told, day after day, by various curators, an editorial staff and technical collaborators who observe the world and identify the themes necessary to describe it through literature, and not only, with the aim of offering continuous stimuli to the story of the present, through different and vital points of view, reiterating the importance of continuous research.

One of the most salient innovations is the creation of seven sections, alongside the general programming, each dedicated to a relevant and central theme for the Show. The care of the sections is entrusted to writers, intellectuals and artists, who will have the task, for that topic, of designing and conducting meeting-events during the days of the Salon. This will open up a reflection on the different forms of art which, together with literature, constitute our key to access the world and the future.

The Turin Book Fair decides to welcome a Guest Language this year in order to be able to delve deeper into the literary and cultural production of a language over the five days of the event. In continuity with the wait for “Italy as a Guest Country” at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2024, the Guest Language of the next edition of the Book Fair will be German.

Also eagerly awaited for the other Italian events in the second part of 2024, first and foremost Pordenone Legge  from 18 to 22 September and Più libri più liberi national little fair and media publishing, scheduled in Rome from 4 to 9 December. We will talk about these in more detail in the coming months.

A 2024 full of events, initiatives and many important titles also for audiobooks.

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